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The CorkMaster Trilogy consists of three books in one:  The Novice CorkMaster , The Specialty CorkMaster, and The Wild WildcorkMaster.  Each book begins with a list of uniquely flavorful wine beverage recipes.  These permit the book purchasers to utilize dozens of included recipes immediately to prepare cool (or hot) savory wine drinks while their winemaking creations age. 

The Novice CorkMaster The book offers selected punches and winemaking recipes tailored for the beginning home winemaker using their available fruits and vegetables.  This book begins with a general description of the basic steps of winemaking at home.  Next readers will find recipes for wines made from a large variety of berries and other common fruits and vegetables collectible or grown throughout the warm months.  I would highlight the following recipes in this book: 

BERRY WINES:  Mulberry Wine; Madrone Berries, Tinned Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry or             Cherry wines, etc.

GRAPE WINES:  Muscatine grape wine, Raisin wine, Syrah wine and Scuppernong Pyment

VEGETABLE WINES:  Beetroot Wine, Potato Wine, Pumpkin Wine, and Sweet Potato Wine

FROZEN FRUIT AND JUICE WINES:  Apple Concentrate Wine and Merlot Wine

SHERRIES:  Apple - Banana Dry Sherry and Apricot Sherry

The Specialty CorkMaster  book collects winemaking recipes that are a bit more uncommon even among afficionarios.  That is to say, …   I will highlight the following recipes:

CITRUS WINES:  Grapefruit, Leek and Lemon

COOKING WINES:  Garlic Cooking Wine, Onion Carrot Wine, Tabasco Chile Wine

Stone fruit wines:  Apricot Wine, Autumn Olive Wine, Black Cherry Wine and Date - Raisin Wine

GOLDEN FRUIT WINES:  Anjou pear wine, Apple Wine, Fresh Figs Wine, Melon Wine and Rhubarb Wine

NUT WINES:  Acorn Wine and Almond Wine

SPICED WINES:  Anise Wine and Walnut Leaf Wine

GRAIN WINES:  Rice Wine (including Japanese style Sake), Ginger Wine and Wheat Raisin Wine

SPECIALTY WINES:  Birch Sap Wine, Bramble Tip Wine, Hypocras Wine, Mountain Ash Wine, Nettle Ginger Wine, Sangria and Sarsaparilla Wine

PORT WINES:   Bilberry Port Wine, Blueberry Elderberry Port, Rose Mead and Blackberry Mead

The Wild CorkMaster book includes recipes for fruits, vegetables, flower blossoms, etc. findable in specific seasons and locals even exotic ingredients are featured in this book.  These include: 

EXOTIC WINES:  Banana Wine, Kiwi Fruit Wine, Kumquat Wine, Loquat Wine and Lychee Wine

WILD FRUIT WINES:  Allegheny Serviceberry, Blackcap Wine, Burdock Wine, Elderberry Rose, Gooseberry Grape Wine, Hackberry Wine, Jostaberry Wine, Mesquite Bean Wine, Mustang Grape Wine, Saskatoon Serviceberry Wine, Wild Chokecherry Wine

FLOWER WINES:  Daisy Wine, Dandelion Raisin Wine, Feijoa Blossom Wine, Lilac Wine, Red Clover Wine and Sunflower Wine

HERB WINES:  Fennel Beet Wine, Lemon Balm Wine, Mint Wine, Rosemary Wine, Wintergreen Wine and Vanilla wine.