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LOQUAT WINE (Large Batch)

LOQUAT WINE (Large Batch)

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Pick fruit that is past the light orange stage. The fruit will be slightly squishy-firm, a darker orange, and may contain some sunburn. Discard smaller, bruised fruit. Wash all fruit in a bucket of water. Cut fruit in half on the bias and squeeze out the seeds. Remove stems. Put fruit in sterilized blender.

As fruit fills the blender, blend it coarsely and put in a big, sealable freezer bag. Do six pounds per bag. Add crushed Campden tablet to each bag and squeeze it around. Bags of fruit will look brownish really quick, like avocados. If you’re waiting for enough fruit, supplies, etc. and are not totally ready to make wine, you could put the bags in the freezer.

More details are given in the actual recipe.  

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