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Single Recipes from THE SPECIALTY CORKMASTER by Richelle Banks

The Specialty CorkMaster book collects winemaking recipes that are a bit more uncommon even among afficionarios. That is to say, … I will highlight the following recipes:

CITRUS WINES: Grapefruit, Leek and Lemon

COOKING WINES: Garlic Cooking Wine, Onion Carrot Wine, Tabasco Chile Wine

Stone fruit wines: Apricot Wine, Autumn Olive Wine, Black Cherry Wine and Date - Raisin Wine

GOLDEN FRUIT WINES: Anjou pear wine, Apple Wine, Fresh Figs Wine, Melon Wine and Rhubarb Wine

NUT WINES: Acorn Wine and Almond Wine

SPICED WINES: Anise Wine and Walnut Leaf Wine

GRAIN WINES: Rice Wine (including Japanese style Sake), Ginger Wine and Wheat Raisin Wine

SPECIALTY WINES: Birch Sap Wine, Bramble Tip Wine, Hypocras Wine, Mountain Ash Wine, Nettle Ginger Wine, Sangria and Sarsaparilla Wine

PORT WINES: Bilberry Port Wine, Blueberry Elderberry Port, Rose Mead and Blackberry Mead