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Single Recipes from THE NOVICE CORKMASTER by Richelle Banks

The Novice CorkMaster book offers selected punches and winemaking recipes tailored for the beginning home winemaker using their available fruits and vegetables. This book begins with a general description of the basic steps of winemaking at home. Next readers will find recipes for wines made from a large variety of berries and other common fruits and vegetables collectible or grown throughout the warm months. I would highlight the following recipes in this book:

BERRY WINES: Mulberry Wine; Madrone Berries, Tinned Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry or Cherry wines, etc.

GRAPE WINES: Muscatine grape wine, Raisin wine, Syrah wine and Scuppernong Pyment

VEGETABLE WINES: Beetroot Wine, Potato Wine, Pumpkin Wine, and Sweet Potato Wine

FROZEN FRUIT AND JUICE WINES: Apple Concentrate Wine and Merlot Wine

SHERRIES: Apple - Banana Dry Sherry and Apricot Sherry