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Recipe books are hot selling items these days. All kinds of recipe books. Actually they are fun to read. Nobody cooks every recipe in every purchased recipe book. Readers like to read. If you enjoy cooking, you enjoy reading recipe books. Most people have a collection of recipe books not far from their kitchen. People don’t read them all the way through like a good novel. Rather, people who cook read a bit in their recipe books here and there as their muse strikes them.

My winemaking books are coming out right as the fruits and vegetables in the northern hemisphere are coming into harvest time. If you are fairly new to winemaking (or if you are a complete novice) The Novice CorkMaster your book. The Specialty CorkMaster would be enjoyed by new-to-experienced winemakers. The Wild CorkMaster takes the reader outdoors. A wide selection of wild flowers, herbs, spices, tree sap, etc. are mentioned in winemaking recipes. So winemaking is not just for grapes any more and such recipe books aren’t just for winemakers any more either. Everybody everywhere that roams the countryside will enjoy the Wild book. Recipe book collectors of every type will enjoy adding my books to their collection. You never know when the winemaking “bug” will bite. These recipes guide you in the winemaking process every step of the way. And they are just plain fun to read.

Have a fruit tree in your backyard? Are you growing herbs, spices, flowers or even sap yielding trees on your land? Have you a collection of recipe books in your cupboard? Choose either of the books mentioned above or The CorkMaster Trilogy which has all three volumes.

Yes. Most of the wines take a while to arrive at their peak of flavor. However, there are several wines that take only 30 days to make. So this time next month you can be uncorking a good bottle of homemade wine.

But what about tonight? I’ve got you covered. In each of the books you will find, first, a collection of my favorite wine beverage recipes and sangrias. In each book! And, in fact, The PunchMaster book collects ALL of my collection of ready-to-serve wine beverage recipes. Everything the “hostess with the mostest” (who first said that?), you, could want at your next get-together. Today or tonight.

These days the number of people who have not visited a winery—yet—is shrinking fast. None of my books are available in their winery stores at this point. But those of you visiting my online store can download single recipes (and soon groups of recipes by main ingredient) right from home. And if you click on one of the slide show slides featuring my big books you will go to the page where you can buy my books. Please and thank you.
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